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Welcome To Gan Aquarium

Welcome to Gan Aquarium, we have been in business since 1961. Initially, our fishes were bred in a two-room flat but eventually went from hobbyists to fish farmers. Currently our fish farm is located in Lot 180, Neo Tiew Lane 2 Singapore 718841, beside D’Krangi Farm Resort.
Being one of the longest fish farm in singapore, we keep to our Philosophy for raising only the best & pure breed of fishes, and we live to it. (click to read our article).Right now, we are concentrating on Cross Back Arowanas and Super Red Arowanas. Interested party please drop by to have a look and allow us to show you our fishes.

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Pure Red Arowana

We rear and breed our Pure Red Aros locally red arowana

Cross Back & Belly Golden Arowana

We rear and breed our Cross Back & Belly Golden Arosgolden arowana Locally

Pellet Trained Arowana

All our fishes are pellet trained since young.pellet trained arowana

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