Golden Crossback Arowana

golden crossback arowanaBeside Golden Crossback Arowana, there are a few names for it, a few gets back to it Cross Golden, Pahang Gold, Malayan Bonytongue, Bukit Merah Blue, Taiping Golden and the Malaysian Gold. These are fundamentally alluding to the same sort of fish – the Golden Arowana. It will have brilliant color totally intersection its back when the fish is develops. The fundamental explanation behind such a variety of phrasings is on account of Cross Back Golden Arowanas can be found in different parts of Malaysia, for example, the conditions of Perak, Trengganu, Bukit Merah Lake and Johor.

Because of its moderately low supply and incredible request in the business, it is presently a standout amongst the most costly color example for the Asian Arowana. The principle explanation behind its high cost is because of its lack and in addition lesser number of gametes on each one generate. Right now, just Malaysia and Singapore homesteads are reproducing the Malaysian Golden Arowanas. Read More

Cross-Back Goldens are further ordered into Blue-Based, Purple-Based, Gold-Based, Green-based and the Silver-based sorts, inferring the center shade of the scales. The terms Blue-Based and Purple-Based are being utilized conversely by a few reproducers since these Cross Backs display Purple Core when seen at a point however shows up completely blue at an alternate. Gold-Based is one of the Cross Back with a twist of brilliant shade at its scales directly into the center of the scales rather than one that is blue or purplish in shades. The Golden-Based mixed bag appears to have color intersection its back sooner than the rest. This is one kind of arowanas that is most dazzling to take a gander at since a full grown fish has the capacity attain to the abundantly imagined around 24k gold shade which other brilliant mixed bags are unequipped for!

Know more about Golden Crossback Arowana -:

The Asian arowana (Scleropages formosus) comprises several phenotypic varieties of freshwater fish distributed geographically across Southeast Asia.While most consider the different varieties to belong to a single species,work by Pouyaud et al. (2003)differentiates these varieties into multiple species. They have several other common names, including Asian bonytongue, dragonfish, and a number of names specific to the different color varieties.

Native to Southeast Asia, Asian arowanas inhabit blackwater rivers, slow-moving waters flowing through forested swamps and wetlands. Adults feed on other fish, while juveniles feed on insects.

These popular aquarium fish have special cultural significance in areas influenced by Chinese culture. The name ‘dragonfish’ stems from their resemblance to the Chinese dragon. This popularity has had both positive and negative effects on their status as endangered species.

How to choose a good Golden Crossback Arowana?

A good quality Cross Back Golden will have scales that are reflective, glittering, large, neat and distinctive. This is especially obvious when compared to a Red Tail Golden. A good Cross-Back arowana should have its golden color reaching its fifth row of scales. (6 inches or slightly smaller). The distinct neatness of its scales must be prominent even at first sight. How to identify a pure breeed golden crossback arowana? A pure breed golden crossback arowana come with golden belly as well, that is why it is known as golden belly crossback arowana.
Last but not least the previous generation of the fish.


Best Feeding habbit for Golden Crossback Arowana -:

Live foods like small frogs, centipede, cockroaches,crickets, grasshoppers, shrimps, fishes and worms. (Live foods are often the cause for the introduction of
parasites into a tank, we strongly dont recommend.)

Non-live foods like frozen bloodworms, frozen prawns,frozen fishes and commercial pellets. Arowanas are fishes
with character and they are habitual by nature. Do take note once they are used to live food, is very hard to accustom them to non-live food.

Best water for red arowana -:
Ideal Ph = PH6.4 to PH6.8
Preferred Temp = 28c to 30c

What is Droop Eye?
Droop eye is caused by a fatty deposit build up behind the eyes of the fish, this is caused by over exposure to light, high stress levels, poor diet or any combination of these. To avoid droop eye, make sure you keep the fish in good condition, calm and balanced nutrition. Some fish are genetically more susceptible than others. Pellet will be most recommended.

Why is Arowana a Feng Shui Fish? -:

The Fish itself has various qualities that fit inside the principals of Feng Sui. The extensive scales and their coloring of Red or Golden show the presence of riches and achievement. Being such an honorable and predominant fish it additionally introduces the character of quality and achievement which can be thought about the holder. The expansive mouth that just gathers sustenance from the surface demonstrate how the fish can inundate accomplishment from above and attract it for the manager.
Water is a spot where chi assembles, it is commonly a wellspring of yin vitality containing a “promising” fish, for example, an Arowana adjusts the yang and serves to disperse any negative vitality in the family or office.
Likewise on the grounds that the fish is so commonly effected by attractive fields it is in keeping with the feng sui principals additionally based around the world’s attraction and polarities

Myth of Arowana -:

There are numerous stories of Arowana succumbing to afflictions like their owner, and the holder consequently recouping in record time. This reaches out to an accept that the fish may spare its owner from death by passing on itself. Frequently individuals who have interacted with Arowana lovers or hobbist hear stories of owners biting the dust and instantly from there on the fish hopping out the tank, or in a luckier of circumstances a phenomenal getaway from an auto crash and on returning home the holder finds an Arowana passed away at around the same time as the mischance.




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