Pellet Trained Arowana

pellet trained arowanaWhy should you buy pellet trained arowana? Introducing pellet to arowana is not easy, that is why we have all our fish fed with pellet in one for their daily diet. Pellet contains all necessary protein, vitamin and mineral for arowanas to make sure it have and healthy diet. Pellet contain colour enhancer, which especially help red and gold arowana to enhance their colour. Arowana are fishes with character and they are habitual by nature. Is very difficult to convert your fish to accept pellet if they are not trained from young. Most of the time they would rather go without food and stay hungry than to consume something that goes off the norm. Certain aquarist go to the extent of starving their pet fish hoping that when left with no choice, they will consider taking the pellets but I find that by doing this, you will risk the chance of malnutrition and then subjecting your fish to stressful condition.

As our super red arowana and golden crossback arowana are breed locally, foods and living habitual is what we can control, from young, our fishes are fed with pellets as one of their meal everyday. Consistantly throught out the days, Arowanas from our fish farm accept pellets easily. Below are some video clips that we took. Please drop by to have a look to verify our statement are true.Visit us @ Lot 180 2 Neo Tiew Lane 2 Singapore 71884.

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